Art direction and web design Studio Fantastico
Development Salvatore Monterosso

Born in 2006 with the purpose of creating a high quality sneaker unique to its kind, GIENCHI was the first shoe brand to bring together the concept of industrial yet elegant. With the exclusive use of premium materials, blended with the rugged look of studs, GIENCHI set the “spike craze” trend exploited by many fashion houses, almost a decade ago. In 2014, after gaining international success due to its signature “dirty” look and being sold in over 400 of the best stores worldwide, GIENCHI has evolved into a full blown shoe brand, introducing new styles and materials, perpetuating its legacy of MADE IN ITALY, handcrafted footwear.Under the new name of METALGIENCHI, the brand strives to continue bringing an innovative high quality product to the market,
playing around with luxurious materials, fun patterns and sophisticated silhouettes yet always taking inspiration from the industrial background of the designer.